• Yoga

    Yoga: For the Mind and Body. Build strength and reduce stress with Yoga. Body by Beth Yoga is a combination of Vinyasa and power yoga. You will build internal heat, increase stamina, strength and flexibility, and experience a reduction of stress—something we all can use! Pose modifications are provided to allow students of all ability levels to participate. Yoga Classes… Continue Reading

  • Personal Training

    Achieve Your Fitness Goals Just starting an exercise program? Need motivation? Want to break a plateau? Personal training is for you! Working with a personal trainer has many benefits…from keeping you motivated and accountable to maximizing your workout in minimal time. Personal training isn’t just for athletes—in fact, the people who often benefit the most from personal training are those… Continue Reading

    Personal Training
  • Group Workouts

    Join a Group Workout. Exercising in a group environment has lots of benefits. From making new friends to staying motivated—plus it’s just more fun! Our group workouts are small—no more than 10 people—which allows us to give you plenty of one-on-one attention, even in a group setting. Getting Started As with personal training, new prospective group workout participants receive a… Continue Reading

    Group Workouts
  • Aerial Yoga

    Aerial Yoga—Get the Hang of It! Aerial Yoga is a unique blend of acrobatic movements and Yoga Asanas—great for the body and the soul! Online Class Coming Soon! Unsure about Aerial Yoga? Here are a few reasons to give it a try: It’s Fun. Aerial Yoga makes you feel like a kid! The suspension created by the hammock makes you… Continue Reading

    Aerial Yoga